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Oct. 1st, 2013


Madrigal Highlights & Some Notes About the Two "Throne of Stars" productions

Madrigal Highlights!

Temple of Arcalia  AKA "History of the World, Part I"

I arrived later than I had anticipated due in large part to the fact that I was working on mixing and editing the hour long narrative of the early history of Madrigal till the last minute, leaving little time to pack.

With the temple AV set up, I served as the Temple Spirit to welcome the PCs and queue the narrative.  Eventually I had to tag-team with Rob to do another "round" of bringing PCs to the temple while I was a part of another mod that night.

It was great giving all the PCs a chance to get caught up on the early storylines of the Blood Queen, the Elder Gods, and the tragedies of Fae and Mortals.

We plan to have the vision up soon online for others who didn't attend to also be able to view it.

Throne of Stars VIsion

Completely awesome weather in a moonless sky made this night-time fight/encounter/vision absolutely magical.

Filming and editing for the vision there had been mostly finished several weeks ago, with a few edits, so I felt that these were a bit more polished than the first narrative.

After Torrin and I had set up the system and screens and effects, I was left alone on the field for the PCs and NPCs to arrive. I got about half an hour of sitting in the Throne myself, stargazing at the real stars and watching the star projector cast tiny motes of light against the trees.  With all the work hanging sheets, untangling cords to various electronic equipment and lights, and "weaving" the video and audio recordings into a finished production, I did feel like Arcalia in a very meta-sense.

I regretted that I could not see the PCs reactions when Her eye opened at the end; it was just too dark and I was too far away.  I hope it had the right "Oh, &h#t" effect.

The Soundtrack!

Music came from a variety of sources:

- Samples from freesound.org

- Liberal use of "The Fountain" soundtrack

- "Lux Aeterna" from "Requiem for a Dream"

- Eric Whitacre's "Lux Aurumque"

- Several songs from vocalist Azam Ali

- "Divenire" by Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi

- Loreena McKennit's "Huron Beltane Fire Dance"

- Kitaro's "The FIeld" for the general streaming stars effects

- George Winston's "Tamarack Pines"

- A traditional Turkish song "Mevlana", arranged and performed by one of my personal friends, Carmine Guida, who plays every year at Pennsic

A Few "Easter Eggs"

- Chimes play when the Kingdom of Diarda is accounted

- "Lux Aurumque" was the White Forest "empowerment" song used during the Ancient Enemy fight in Eluviar; it is reprised in the narrative when Erionth brings the enslaved Liendrel to the Shining Lands

- The sound accompanying Her eyes opening is used in both the narrative and in the vision


Jun. 17th, 2013


June Madrigal at Frank A Day


  • Getting to be a moody tree-lord and quiz the PCs on their tree identification skills before answering their questions. Good RP!

  • Going in as Argent several times and RPing with Vesperans and the Rangers, sometimes pretty intensely.  "There are times when something you desire is only inches away, and yet in your heart, it may as well be miles."

  • Kliggles!

  • Rangers on the Hunt.  I love experimenting with encounter scenarios based on Ranger skills.

  • The Ubiquitous Sunday Archer Showdown.  It's a tradition that I typically take up a bow and square off with other archer and caster PCs.  My previous shooting on Saturday was sub-par, so I was glad to be able to get a few good hits in, including an arrow to Grum's knee.


If I never return to this camp, it would be OK.  Everything in the kitchen facility was broken; many places were filthy and felt like they hadn't been cleaned from the previous weekend.  Some of the cabins were being used as storage for various improvement projects. It seems like NO prep by the camp staff had gone into assuring the camp was ready for us.  Staff and PCs spent a lot of time dealing with these conditions and not on running the event we wanted to run.
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Feb. 24th, 2013


Madrigal Revel Highlights!

* The mind-delve encounter revealing much of the Avenlei royal family past.  This was the only encounter I was in charge of running for the entire event, and thanks to Sharon, Alan, Torrin, and Steve, it went pretty awesomely.  "Are you a saint?"  "A saint? No. I am a Ranger." Loved, LOVED that the PCs realized that Cure Mentals, and Shield Mentals were a great way to help my NPC keep control of herself and be more friendly to them.

* Shetra fight, Ragnar taunting my 3rd Shetra Minion from the Left with his skull stick. Also, being sniped in the foot with needles. WTG, PCs!  Getting cut down just before the Shetra, and having "ringside seats" to his spiking.

* Working with Griff and Darren to run some of the "war mods".  There was a lot of staff team-work this event.

* Chatting with Ezrem about the White Court Rangers.

* And lastly, seeing Alison play a new PC. Tossing snowballs back and forth. She seemed so eager and full of fascination with the world. <3

Nov. 11th, 2012


Post-Madrigal Thoughts

Big Shoes - Little Bren: So as many of the Pale PCs have caught on, Torrin and I are stepping up to do Pale-related plot. This means acting as the White Spring for two or three events. After the Gold "Whee!" since midsummer, we wanted to return to the balance of the Three with a new "Festival of Keening", which was a way of the Gold honoring the Green and the Grey.  We didn't have a big mod-centered encounters, but I hope the very personal "RP-centered" encounters made a difference for the PCs event.

Vhipping Out My Vonderful Gypsy!  "Gran-Mama, Iz Dis True?!"

Ranger training. No no! Trust me! This method does work!  I point all my Ranger to this sun compass tutorial, which I pulled off poorly for IG and OOG reasons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3l49zQREcY

Archer Duels!  So, me and Matthew Dain's player LURV larp archery. We bond over it. So when either of us get to "show off" to one another, we do, not matter the context. Matthew got some great shots with my vampire-guardian in a mod when I was using a polearm and on another floor in the building. While I played a noble vampire on Sunday wrap-up, I got to call him out for the archer equivalent of an "honor duel", for getting the sun in my eyes. Matthew managed to win by +2 body. To be fair, I've also won a "duel" with an NPC of his when I was on the PC side.

I am eager for the Mad Revel!

Nov. 28th, 2011


character meme

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Call to Adventure
Are You My Mummy? / Mysterious Parent
Mistaken Spies
Happiness in Slavery (Kumir!)
Evil Uncle (Thanks, Mickey!)
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Nov. 21st, 2011


More Madrigal Highlights!

My Madrigal this event started with me being in Colorado for 3 days for a work-related conference that lasted into Friday. Which meant that I needed to pack a week before my Madrigal event and had given nearly all my costuming/props to Torrin to bring on Friday evening. Though I had arranged to arrive Saturday morning, I found myself with enough energy to drive to my place from Providence, pack a few more things, and then drive the hour to the Madrigal site by 1 AM. Unloaded. Contemplated Saturday morning. Went to sleep.

Saturday morning I worked with Dave, Torrin and a few NPCs to set up the Twin Peaks / Path of Erionth Mod.  We had the Mylar-of-Awesome and other things to dress (once more) the setting of the grove. And thanks to some last-minute "bring this, I'll do that" we solidified an awesome experience for the PCs, which included  me spewing Fire everywhere as a part of the Pale Wonder. I've been told I was incredibly awesome for arranging the Vision of the Path of Erionth.  I wish I could have watched the PC's tear up for all their joy, and the awesome feedback I've been given is what I was hoping for.

Playing Crazy! Torrin asked me to play a mentally-broken former inquisitor. I am going on a bit of a tangent, but I have always given a WIDE WIDE berth to NPCs who play top-of-the-lungs PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!, high-energy lunatics. So I played a crazy person that I as a PC could handle: Quiet. Mono-syllabic, and with an NPC keeper that would steer me away from the edges of disaster long enough to have simple but meaningful interactions with PCs. LOVED that when my character witnessed a PC passing another PC a pair of manacles I absolutely bolted at the very site of them, muttering "NO! No! No!"

Eluviar stuff. It's one my staff passions. I have an NPC that liaises with Shadowfane and I enjoy coming out as her. I am always impressed that no matter now mundane the task, if it's Eluviar related, Lucius is there to support!

Ancient Enemy fight!  By Rob's request, I coordinated the Unicorn effect of the AoE fight.  My NPCs did fantastic!

Mages stuff: "Password, please!"  Loved having the time to be a bit creative with an encounter for the PCs. Thought the Trial of Winifred was pretty great, especially since it went back-to-back with the encounter.

Ranger stuff??? Sadly, with my business trip and the other stuff I committed to, I didn't get to run White Court Ranger things as Argent. Next time, my darlings! I have an idea in the kettle!

Vision of the Path of Erionth

Madrigal Highlight time!

For the curious, here is the vision given to Madrigal players who completed the Path of Erionth this event. Enjoy!

Oct. 17th, 2011


Seven Virtues Highlights!

Seven Virtues Highlights:

My Graceling Cat. Nothing to do with the game, but most of my event was colored by the fact that there was this sweet friendly "Aetherial Kitten/Cat" that was obviously not a part of a steady home who was "camping the campers" at the site to try to get enough food and warmth to survive. She visited the Caer Droiga pavilion on Friday evening and Saturday for attention and food.  Torrin couldn't in good heart leave her to starve when the camp shut down, even though he was at capacity in his home; when she hopped and curled up on my lap and the heart-shape patch on her back was apparent to me, I decided she couldn't be left either, and I volunteered to take her into my petless (but cat-friendly) apartment.  I learned on Sunday that Peregrine Hall had taken her in Friday night, and that a few other players were deeply concerned with this cat's welfare. She stayed with Torrin and I in our tent on Saturday night. We got a cat-carrier on Sunday morning, and I spent the rest of Sunday from after my Wisdom test to game-off in knots trying to find her to usher into the cat carrier to take her home with me. Thankfully she came out from under the Library/Bloody Knave at about 2, just after the battle, stretching herself. Silly thing had ignored my calls for the past 2 hours; and I was so anxious until I swooped her into the carrier without her realizing what was happening. I named her Grace "Gracie" Underfoot, and she currently at home with me, resting and rehabbing and totally relaxed.

Lostwood Joins the War. So our meeting to visit VIPs of the Lostwood turned out to be barging in on a whole Council Session to make the case for the Lostwood to join forces with the rest of Armandy against the Mahori.  We were grilled; we found reasons to throttle Puzzlewell.  We did our best, which was pretty awesome in convincing them that engagement was necessary. Then as the night grew late,  Valacar and I and several other Lostwooders were summoned again, we assumed for some sort of announcement.  We followed down a path and came into the presence of the Lady Regent of the Lostwood in a multi-colored grotto. It was the peak of my 7V experience to gaze upon her face and tell her that the reason that the world should be saved was because for all the suffering and factions, it was still beautiful, and I loved it all. When the Lady Regent declared that the Lostwood must join the war effort against the Mahori, we were all in joyful tears, hugging and kissing each other (with Rune kissing the hem of the Lady's sleeve and dress a couple of times!).  Keeping that declaration a secret until the end of the summoning of Raolin was rather difficult.

Dealing with Atticus Webb. So armed with the blessing of Coal to bring Atticus to Justice as my Mastery Project, Seril aided a great deal by using his contacts between practicums to seek out the hearth that Atticus was allied with. We were able to capture the individuals he was working with, and after they were interrogated/co-opted in helping, we were able to follow Atticus to his lair and apprehend him. No further details, as they have IG ramifications still, but I appreciated the entire set-up and the patience of the NPCs as we were sneaky and trying to negotiate how to deal with the situation.

Sep. 12th, 2011


Madrigal highlights!

Madrigal highlights:

  • Running a kick-ass Ranger challenge in the woods. A hide and ambush encounter in the daylight.  Loved that the PCs were preparing to jump my WC Ranger as she came back to tell them that the path was clear. I <3 my rangers.
  • Late-afternoon lockpicking, with innuendo flying!
  • Getting to play a noble Malekyrg and finally having an excuse to wear a costume I had been saving for just such an occasion.
  • Inducting Matthew and Amos into the White Court Rangers, in both Temple and Grove.
  • Hob-time!

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Jun. 19th, 2011


Madrigal highlights!

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